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files and subdirectoriesdescription
COLLECTION A collection of photos from 1995-2001 (these used to be on
POSTERS goofy posters from Daniel's high school days
13_DEC_FAMILY Some family photos in the backyard
13_OCT_BROOKSIDE Oct 2013. Potomac river, and flowers in Brookside gardens
13_SEP_GERMANY Sep 2013 trip to Germany
13_AUG_BIKETRIP August 2013 bike trip to NCR bike trail (above Balitmore to PA state line)
13_AUGUST_SOLAR August 2013 solar panel on roofs
13_AUGUST_OHIO August 2013 trip to Indiana and Ohio
13_AUGUST_RENEE August 2013 Renee funeral
13_AUG_MISC Not found: Misc August 2013 (pv panels, garbage bucket, marty backyard)
13_JULY_CAPE July 2013 Cape cod vacation etc.
13_JUNE_HOUSE June 2013 house stuff (electrical, bed remove, crawl space work)
13_JUNE_TOILETINSTALL Installation of toilet
13_MAY_25_SUBPANEL Installation of sub panel
13_MAY_NORWOOD Susan's trip to Norwood, May 2013s
13_MAY_INDIANA May 2013 trip to Richmond Indiana to pick up Sam
13_MAY_AZALEAS May 2013 flowering shrubs around 1909 Franwall
13_APRIL_GUTTER April 2013 Gutter installation
13_FEB_SOLARINSTALL2 End of Feb solar install (finish on roof and basement)
13_FEB_BOSTON Feb 13 train trip to boston, charles river hike
13_FEB_SOLARSTATUS Outside and basement of not-yet-done solar project (Feb 10 2013)
13_JAN_A_DCTOROCKIES Jan 2013 trip to calif: DC to Rockies
13_JAN_B_ROCKIESTORENO Jan 2013 trip to calif: Rockies to Reno
13_JAN_C_SIERRAS1 Jan 2013 trip to calif: Sierra Nevada mountains
13_JAN_D_SIERRASTOSF Jan 2013 trip to calif: Central valley and delta
13_JAN_E_SF Jan 2013 trip to calif: San Francisco (hotel, family, etc)
13_JAN_F_CALIFCOAST Jan 2013 trip to calif: California coast, Ano Nuevo state park
13_JAN_G_MUIR_MTTAM Jan 2013 trip to calif: Muir Woods and Mt Tamaulpais
13_JAN_H_UTAH_1 Jan 2013 trip to calif: Utah (1 of 3)
13_JAN_I_UTAH_2 Jan 2013 trip to calif: Utah (2 of 3)
13_JAN_J_UTAH_3 Jan 2013 trip to calif: Utah (3 of 3)
13_JAN_K_ROCKIES Jan 2013 trip to calif: Rockies (colorado river canyon west of glenwood)
13_JAN_L_IOWA Jan 2013 trip to calif: Iowa and other farmland
13_JAN_M_MARYLAND Jan 2013 trip to calif: Potomac river and other Maryland and WV
13_JAN_STUFF Jan 201 trip to calif: misc stuff (photos used to make panoramas)
12_DEC_TREE Dec 2012 christmas tree, and family photos
12_DEC_SOLARBASEMENT Solar install, basement electrical work (dec 2012)
12_DEC_FAMILY A couple of family photos, in backyard (dec 2012)
12_DEC_ROOF Roof top photos (solar install), etc December 2012
12_NOV_INVERTER_AND_DRIVEWAY Nov 2012: installing inverters in basement, and a few shots of driveway repaving
12_OCT_HALLOWEEN 2012 Halloween photos
12_OCT_PLANTINGS Planting tree and bushes on side of house (Oct 2012)
12_OCT_BASEMENT Basement electrical work, 12 Oct 2012
12_SEPT_NORWOOD Sept 3 2012: seth and kazzy's babies
12_AUGUST_BATTERYBOX Basement plywood wall and battery box
12_AUGUST_BASEMENT Basement photos (plus other stuff)
12_JUNE_CHIMNEY Roof and chimney repair, June 2012
12_MAY_TREEWORK Tree trimming, May 2012
12_MAY_BOYSBIRTHDAY May 2012 boy's 20th birthday (cake etc)
12_MAY_NEWAC_ROOF Even more attic stuff, and roof repair (shingle vent, gutter, soffit)
12_APRIL_ATTICB More attic stuff -- insulation install and after
12_APRIL_ATTIC Duct upgrade in attic, passover, backyard flowers
12_MARCH_ATTIC 1909 Franwall Attic, before insulation install (cake photos too)
12_FEB_UTAH Feb 2012 trip to Park City, Utah
12_JAN_HOMEREPAIR Jan 2012: window install and hall bathroom fixtues and painting
12_JAN_SEWER1 Jan 2012, replacement of sewer pipe: first set of photos
12_JAN_SEWER2 Jan 2012, replacement of sewer pipe: second set of photos
11_DEC_CHRISTMAS Dec 2011 photos of tree and decorations
11_OCT Halloween pumpkins and sugarloaf (2011)
11_SEPT_1489 September photos of 1489 -- graded site photos, and some basic framing
11_AUGUST_1489 August 2011 photos of torn down 1489
11_JULY_CAPENEWTON Photos of 1489 (just before sale), Earl ashes burial, and Cape Cod
11_JULY_1489 Photos of 1489 (almost empty)
11_JUNE June 2011 trip to seattle (including cascades)
11_JUNEMILLER June 2011 hike in cascades (taken by John Miller)
11_MAY May 2011 Boy's birthday party
11_APRIL April 2011 Passover and Boston Marathon
10_OCT_STUFF Halloween pumpkins and Susan birthday (with a few all family photos)
10_SEPT_COLLEGEDROPOFF Dropping andrew and sam off at college, sept 2010
10_SAMJAPAN Photos of sam's trip to japan (some other stuff also)
2010_AUGUST_1489PHOTOS photos of stuff to remove from 1489, and headstone and bye-bye to honda
10_JULY_CAPE Photos from Cape Cod, July 2010
10_JUNE_BIRTHDAY_GRAD Photos of boys 18th birthday and graduation, and Nat game
10_APRILTREE Photos of trimming the front yard trees at 1909 Franwall
10_12FEB_SNOW Daniel's photos of the blizzard (around 1909 Franwall)
10_9FEB_SNOW Susan's photos of the blizzard (around 1909 Franwall)
09_DEC_FAMILY Family photos dec 2009
09_OCT_OHIO Trip to Ohio (dam and crop shots) and sad wheaton halloween pumpkins
09_SEP_1489PHOTOS A photo inventory of 1489 Commonwealth, 20 Sept 2009 (after cleanup)
09_AUGUST_1489PHOTOS A photo inventory of 1489 Commonwealth, 1 Sept 2009
09_AUGUST_EARL_AUG30 A few photos from Newton, 31 August 2009
OLD_50_60 20 or so miscellaneous family photos from the 50s and 60s
FAMILY_OLD Several old pictures of us kids (early 60s?).
09_AUGUST_EARL Photos of Earl at home, mid-August 2009
09_JULY_CAPENEWTON July-August 2009 photos from cape, NH, and newton (earl)
09_JULY_EARL A few pictures of earl, seth, kazie
09_JUNE_VERMONT June 2009: Daniel trip to Vermont and Boston (NAREA conference)
09_JAN_INAUGURATION Jan 2009: the inauguration (the edge of the crowd, and on the mall)
08_NOVEMBER_STUFF Halloween, and patuxent canoe trip on Nov 11
08_SEPT_TREE Removal of root bole from backyard, Sept 2008
08_JULY_NH_ANDREW Andrew pictures of NH, july 2008
08_JULY_CAPE July 2008 trip to Cape Cod and NH (with boston to ptown ferry photos)
08_JUNE_CALIF June 2008 trip to San Francisco, Berkeley, and Marin highlands
08_MAY_BOSTON Trip to Boston-- downtown (old xway) and chesapeake near baltimore
08_APRIL_MARATHON April 2008 Boston Marathon (from newton, mile 18)
08_APRIL_PASSOVER April 2008 passover photos (newton)
07_OCT_VARIOUS Fall 2007 stuff: Patuxent river, halloween, sugarloaf, cape cod, susan birthday
07_JULY_CAPECOD Trips from summer 2007 trip to Cape Cod
07_JULY_POTOMAC family hike in Nature Conservancy plot, Fairfax VA near Potomac
07_MAY_BIRTHDAY A few photos from may 2007 birthday party
07_MAY_TREESTUFF The fallen tree (stump, boards, completely extracted)
07_APRIL_BOSTON Boston April 2007: passover, USS Constitution, etc.
07_MARCH_MDFARMS Field trip to MD eastern shore farms
07_FEB Tree down and other Winter 07 photos
06_OCT Oct/Nov 2006 photos (pumpkin festival, halloween, sugarloaf, patuxent)
06_FALL Nationals game, and halloween, 2006
06_JULY_SETH_JAPAN Pictures of Seth's trip to Japan: July/August 2006 (Kazi, wedding, etc).
06_AUGUST_CAPECOD August 2006 trip to Cape Cod
06_JULY_LONGBEACH Trip to Long Beach CA (AAEA conference & catalina island)
06_JULY_NUMAN Pictures from outside of Gary Numan concert (Paradise Club, Boston)
06_JUNE_MITZVAH June 2006: family pictures from June 2006 bnei mitzvah
06_KYOTO June/July 2006 trip to Kyoto Japan (Daniel and Andrew photos)
06_MAY_BULLRUN May 2006 trip to Bull Run battlefield
06_MAY_DARFUR May 2006 Darfur rally
06_APRIL_COMEDYCLUB April 29, 2006. E Brooke Lee comedy club performance.
06_APRIL_FISHING_1 April 2006 Solomons Island fishing trip (1st half)
06_APRIL_FISHING_2 April 2006 Solomons Island fishing trip (2nd half)
06_APRIL_BOSTON_FAMILY April 2006 trip to boston (passover and family photos)
06_APRIL_BOSTON_ISLAND Nut, Long, and Deer Island Photos (Boston Harbor)
06_APRIL_BOSTON_REDSOX 13 April 2006 Fenway Park (Red Sox vs Toronto)
06_FEB_BOSTON A few photos of boston, and sam's plants
05_DEC 2005 Christmas and Chanukah, and 1/1/06 Mt Vernon visit
05_NOV_BOSTON 2005 Thanksgiving trip to Boston (walden pond, and cape cod)
05_NOV_SUGARLOAF Nov 2005 trip to Sugarloaf Mountain
05_OCT_HALLOWEEN Halloween 2005 photos
05_JULY_WHITEMT August 2005 trip to the White Mnts of NH
05_JULY_CAPE July 2005 trip to Cape Cod
05_JULY_ORIOLES July 8 trip to see Orioles game, with David and Kathy
05_JULY_HARPERS July 4 trip to Harpers Ferry -- Maryland Heights
05_JULY_ANTIETAM July 3 trip to Antietam
05_JUNE_BOSTON Daniel's June 2005 trip to Boston
05_JUNE_HIKE June 2005 hike near Pine Grove Furnace, PA
05_MAY_BIRTHDAY Boys birthday party
05_MAY_SUGARLOAF Trip to sugarloaf, and cake cutting at night
05_MAY_MOMFLOWERS 3 shots of the flowers sam bought for 2005 Mothers Day
05_MAY_FAIR Science/Art fair at E Brooke Lee (4 May 2005)
05_APRIL April 2005 Newton Passover, and some other stuff
05_FEB_UTAH Daniel's Feb 2005 trip to Utah
05_JAN_GREATFALLS Jan 17 2005 trip to great falls (upstream of the falls)
NEWTON_FAMILY Jan 2004 pictures of the Newton family (Earl, Kids, Grandkids)
MARGE_FUNERAL Pictures relating to Marjorie Hellerstein's funeral
MARGE_COLLECTION Pictures from the life of Marjorie Hellerstein
MARGE_COLLECTION_FELDSTEIN Pictures by Judy Feldstein from Marjorie Hellerstein's funeral
04_DEC_SAM Sam's science projects (and David and Cathy)
04_DEC_SUGARLOAF Trip to Sugarloaf Mountain, Christmas Day 2004
04_DEC_PARIS Daniels trip to Paris (first set of photos)
04_DEC_PARIS_2 Daniels trip to Paris (second set of photos)
04_NOV November 2004 trip to Boston and Cape Cod
04B_OCT Zak Bar Mitzvah, Fenway Park, Halloween
04_OCT October 2004 trip to Butler Farms (pumpkin festival)
04_AUG_A 2004 West Trip: Denver to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (and some J Miller visit shots)
04_AUG_B 2004 West Trip: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to Cleveland
04_AUG_C 2004 West Trip: Cleveland to Ithaca Gorges
04_JUNE_CAPE June 2004 trip to Cape Cod
04_JUNE_FTCOLLINS Daniel's trip to Ft. Collins
04_MAY_BIRTHDAY The boy's 12th birthday party
04_MAY_CICADA Backyard pictures of the May 2004 Cicadas
04_FEB_SUGARLOAF Feb 2004 Mt. Sugarloaf
04_FEB_POTOMAC Feb 2004 Potomac (moderately high water with ice)
03_NOV_POTOMAC Nov 22 2003 Trip to the Potomac (moderately high water)
03_NOV Halloween 2003, Noah bar mitzvah, Patuxent canoeing
03_OCT_SUGARLOAF Oct 19, 2003 trip to Sugarloaf Mt.
03_OCT_PUMPKIN Oct 12, 2003 trip to Butlers pumpkin patch
03_SEP_POTOMAC Trip to Potomac (high water after hurricane Isabel), 21 Sep 2003
03_SEP_MARTY Marty's 60th birthday party (13 Sep 2003)
03_AUG August 2003 trip to Dolly Sods WV
03_JULY_NH July 2003 trip to White Mnts (NH) with Bill and Zack
03_JULY_CAPE July/August 2003 Trip to Cape Cod
03_JUNE_LASTDAY Some shots of the boys last time getting on KMES bus
03_JUNE_KMES Talent show at KMES, 16 June 2003
03_JUNE Boys 11th birthday party, hike in NW branch, and Barbara cookout
03_MAY 2003 Memorial Day trip to Brookside Garden (w/ laura and blair)
03_APR Trip to Boston (passover, worcester, plum island)
03_MAR30 Pictures of the structures-assignments
03_MAR Walk in Wheaton Regional
03_FEB Daniel's trip to Las Vegas
03_JAN Trip to frozen Potomiac, and tubing at Liberty Mountain
02_DEC_A Boys sledding in Wheaton
02_NOV_C Thanksgiving trip to Boston, 2002
02_NOV_B Sugarloaf Mt. on Nov 10 2002
02_NOV November 2002 trip to Deerfield MA
02_OCT October photos -- Lake Needwood and Pumpkin Festival
02_OCT_DEMO October anti-war demo in DC
02_AUG Trip to Cape Cod, August 2002 (about 200 photos)
02_JULY Trip to Mt. Sugarloaf
02JUNE Daniel's trip to Harrisburg PA
MAY02_CONCERT Kemp Mill Elementary choral concert (may 2002)
02MAY Memorial Day 2002 trip to Sky Meadows Park (and strawberry festival)
POTOMAC_402 A day trip to the Potomac at Great Falls (high water), 30 April 2002
02_MAR_3 Passover in Boston (2 sets of photos)
02_MAR_2 Hike around "Mt" Wilson in needham
02_MAR Boys swimming at pool with carlton, Sprocket at KMES
02_FEB Trip to Boston (mostly hike around ponkapoag pond)
02_JAN Repeat of 01_dec, with ERS people
01_DEC December 2001. Boys posing. Shots of Kemp Mill ES
01_NOV November 2001. Trip to Mt Sugarloaf
01_OCT October 2001 -- mostly pumpkin "festival"
01_AUGUST Trip to California (august 2001)
CAPE2001 Not found: Cape Cod Trip (2001).
01_JULY Not found: Hershey park trip
01JUNE Birthday shots (actual party, and sleepover), trip to luray caverns
01_MAY Not found: Around the house, and trip to Old Rag Mt.
01APR_SHELDON Sheldon Schecter's funeral (29 April 2001)
01APR April 2001: Boston (Passover trip) and some pool shots
01MAR Includes Kemp Mill PTA international night, trip to batting cage, and MLK pool
01FEB Daniel's florida trip, and boston (sci fi marathon) trip
01JAN Includes inauguration, and sugarloaf trip
00DEC Singing beach and Walden pond
00NOV Sugarloaf fall, pumpkins, some soccer
00OCT_JEN_WED Pictures from Jennifer's wedding reception at La Ferme
00AUG Cape Cod, August 2000
00APRIL Includes passover shots and pictures of lots of family]
00FEB Includes NYC Bar Mitzvah (poor quality pictures)
99DEC Boys with pokemon characters
99OCT Ballgame, sugarloaf & pumpkins with nancy, soccer
99SEP On the shenandoah river with nels
99AUG Cape cod 1999
99JAN Daniel trip to nyc (assa meetings
ASSA_NYC AERE luncheon at assa meetings in nyc
98DEC Some sledding shots
MISC Miscellaneous (includes some old pictures)

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