Susan ancestry information

Letter from Susan, to David, describing her ancestry research (3 Nov 2012)
I was going through old folders today and decided to scan these pictures for you. Hope they come through ok. Wasn't our dad a handsome guy in his youth?

A few additional bits of information:

The picture of him with the light coloured suit is dated July 1934. I am guessing he is standing on Barney Street but I don't know for sure. So dashing!

The one on the mountain says what looks like (in his very angular handwriting) "Winterberghorn, 5000 ft, March 3, 1932 Skiing trip to Austria". But after doing some checking on the web, I think my guess at his writing is incorrect and that he really meant "Untersberghorn". It's a popular destination and the right height. You can see all about it at Wikipedia. I love this legend about it:

According to legend Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (of the Holy Roman Empire) is asleep inside Untersberg, taken care of by the "Untersberger Mandln", small dwarf-like creatures. His beard is said to be growing longer and longer around a round table and to have grown round two times. Myth says that when the beard has grown three times around the table the end of world has come. Every hundred years he awakes and when he sees the ravens still flying around the Untersberg he sleeps for another century. When Frederik leaves the mountain, the last great battle of humankind will be fought on the Walserfeld. This is a field at Wals, west of Salzburg. There is a similar legend for the Kyffhauser Mountain in Thuringen. Other legends say that it is Karl der Grose Charlemagne waiting inside the Untersberg. There are also legends about the cave system below the mountain. There is a lake in 930 meters depth. An expedition in August 2008 revealed that its lowest point had not yet been reached.

Anyway, the picture is dated just one day before his birthday. He would be turning 23. What an adventurer!

The one in Tripolis has his handwritten note on the back: "Palm Garden in Tripolis, April 16, 1932". He really got around! The one in Pompeii has his handwritten note on the back: "Pompeii April 1932. Vesuvius smoking in the background". The one of him in his sleeveless shirt at Dickinson (he looks pretty trim!) is dated June 10, 1931.

I also found his Commonwealth of PA Department of Public Instruction College Cerrtificate which states he was authorized to teach in any PA high school the subjects of English, Greek (!), German, and Social Studies. It was first dated 1931 but "made permanent" on July 7, 1936. On the back is a stamped message that says "It is suggested that this certificate be framed and hung in the teacher's classroom."

The postcard to the Rynks was interesting because look at all the traveling and adventures he had that summer. It looks like 1947 but hard to tell. Note that the post card stamp only cost one cent at that time. For the benefit of Sam and Andrew, let me add that the Rynks were friends of his from Dickinson College. He had a lively correspondence (one-way I suppose!) with their toddler daughter Mimi who was arouind 3 when he wrote to her, and one of his letters to her was reprinted in the local newspaper. They sent him a clipping of the article when he was overseas.

Also of note to me was the reverse side of the postcard to the Rynks, which was the very pretty picture of the Susquehanna in Oswego NY -- who knew that just 25 years later that river would come raging down from that same area to devestate the valley.

Oh well, there's lots of other cool stuff I found, including the civil war letters written by our great-grandfather. Mostly, though, they just reassure that he is well and inquire about his parents' health. In one he spoke of a raid they made where 2 rebel prisoners were captured. He said when they got back a lot of the boys were pretty worn out, including him. He said he was tired of soldiering and would be glad to get home. Fortunately, he was able to do so less than 2 months later.

I have lots more info from Mom's metal box which may be of interest to you, including your original social security card, "anti-smallpox vaccination" record from Dr. Wasnick (!), and newspaper article about being a finalist for the National Merit Scholar Award. Not much about me; I found certificate from Charles Hensley commending my high score on the National Merit Qualifying Exam and one elementary school class photo which is kind of funny. I could actually remember and recognize a good few kids, but not all. Maybe whatever else Mom had was lost in the flood, I don't know. Too bad.

Some scanned images