Posted by Judy Feldstein, 29 September 2009

Thank you for keeping us in the loop. We were so sorry to learn of Earl's passing while we were traveling in Europe. (Ah, the power of email and text messaging - I think Earl would have loved it!)

Earl was a part of our lives starting with my years at Brandeis when his kids were young and Ed and I or my friends and I would visit for dinner or babysit. After that we would visit when we came to Boston for Brandeis visits or reunions or to visit Ed's sister who now lives in Newburyport.

My youngest remembers Earl teaching him to tie his shoes. Marge, Ed and I had gone to a house party in the neighborhood for Udall when he was running for President. Earl babysat for my 3 kids. He taught Jeff to tie his shoes. Earl sat on the steps with Jeff between his legs and together they worked on it until by the time we got back Jeff could tie his shoes!

We last saw Earl during the summer of 2008 when we were in Boston for my Brandeis Reunion. We took him to dinner at Legal Seafood which he said was his favorite restaurant. Ed and Earl went at it hot and heavy with the "discussions" of politics and whatever else. I always thought Earl was happy that I married Ed since Ed could always (even back in the Brandeis days) argue any topic with him from any view point. Me, I never could!

We are so sorry to have to miss the memorial week-end. We will be in Youngstown Ohio attending the wedding of a cousin's daughter. To all of you our condolences.

Addendum 30 Sep ...
So in going through albums I discovered that I had remembered the Udall evening and Earl teaching Jeff to tie shoes as one event when in fact they were a year apart. I guess you need to adjust my story!

Earl did babysit the night we went to the house party in their neighborhood for Udall. The next year Earl and Marge must have come to visit us at Ed's sister's house which was in Andover, MA at the time. That was when he taught Jeff to tie his shoes.

Jeff had described what he remembered of the event to Kathryn when she called him last month while we were traveling. Ed and I remembered the picture in great detail. Once I found it, I realized we all had remembered it exactly and none of us had seen it in years! Jeff remembered his foot in Earl's shoe. There it is in the picture.

Funny thing is, my 6 year old grandson Sam this summer taught my other 6 year old grandson Jack to tie his shoes using Ed's shoes and we have similiar pictures of them.

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